Tanzania: A Friendship Journey
Tanzania: A Friendship Journey

a new feature-length documentary filmed throughout Tanzania from the cities of Dar es Salaam and Mwanza, to the summit of mighty Mount Kilimanjaro in sub-zero temperatures, to the sweltering plains of the Serengeti, to the impoverished village of Nkwenda. The film captures Venances journey home after his pursuit of a higher education in the States. He returns nine years later to his homeland with one of his closest American friends, Kristen.

What happens when a scientist/philosopher from an impoverished African nation takes his American friend on a journey to the place where mankind began?  TANZANIA a Friendship Journey follows the story of Venance Ndibalema--who was born into poverty in Africa but found a way out through a college education in the United States—and Kristen Kenny—an American raised by an upper/middle class family—as they undertake a transformational trip to Venance’s homeland.  Their journey takes them from the urban center of Dar es Salaam, to the summit of mighty Mount Kilimanjaro and the sweltering plains of the Serengeti, and finally to the impoverished village where a Grandmother waits to see the grandson she thought was lost to her forever.  Along the way, cultural differences, disease, and a deadly illness threaten not only our travelers but the life of an innocent child.  Two friends, one journey, countless lives changed.     

Tanzania: A Friendship Journey will be screening at the following film festivals:
Florida Film Festival – Sunday, April 10th @ 3:15PM
SOHO International Film Festival – Friday, April 15th @9:20PM
Buffalo/Niagara Film Festival – Saturday, April 16th @ 7PM

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