Director : John A. Gallagher

Producer : Sylvia Caminer, John Dorrian

Writer : John Dorrian, John A. Gallagher

Starring : Mike Starr, Judith Malina, Matt Keesler, Brian Vincent, Ice T, Chris Noth, Iman, Gretchen Mol, Michael Imperioli, Frank Vincent, Debi Mazar, Heavy D and Burt Young.

The Deli

In this Award-Winning comedy, a hard-luck gambler learns a new commandment: Honor Thy Mother's Lottery Winnings. Johnny Amico (Mike Starr) runs a delicatessen in New York City; regarded as a nice guy by his friends and regular customers, he has a weakness for gambling and is usually in debt. Johnny is constantly nagged by his well-meaning but domineering mother (Judith Malina), who gives him ten dollars to play the same number every week in the lottery. One week, her number turns up a winner, but this is bad news for Johnny: convinced that the number would never win, he's been using the money to place bets of his own. Now Mom expects Johnny to come up with the prize money for a winning ticket he never bought; Johnny hatches a scheme to raise the money, but, given his usual success as a gambler, no one is very optimistic that he can pull it off.

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