An ordinary Hungarian lawyer becomes a World War II hero when he leads his people in their fight against the Nazis.

Laying Low

(Dramatic short film) An ex-con, recently paroled, fights to rebuild his life in New York City, the mecca of temptation.

Dutch Book

A Florida teenager launches a scheme to pay off his father's gambling debts starring Keith David & Richard Edson.


Gracie is arrested for public drunkenness in a small town, and is forced to attend 90 AA meetings.


Threats from a former employee lead over-reactive owner of a construction company to take matters into his own hands.

Breaking Point

A dramatic story about corruption, deep-seated conspiracy and self-realization.

Love N' Dancing

An English teacher and a former dance champion become more than just dance partners as they compete for a world title.

Blue Moon

BLUE MOON is a romantic fable about magic and the mystery of love starring Ben Gazzara and Rita Moreno.

The Deli

In this comedy, a NY deli owner & gambler learns to Honor Thy Mother's Lottery Winnings but has a weakness for gambling.

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